Types of Counselling Sessions

We offer counselling for individuals, couples, children, families, workplaces and groups. We also occasionally run specialty courses. 



Individual counselling provides you the freedom and confidentiality to explore whatever you wish to discuss. It’s ok if you are not sure where to start as we can discuss this in the first session.


Couples sessions are available for those wanting to work on aspects of their relationship. Many couples find that things that seemed to have no answer become solvable once we look at it with a new perspective.


We see children from the ages of 2 - 18 years. Older children are welcome to book individual sessions for themselves. For younger children, please book the first session without your child present (or bring a trusted adult to sit with the child in another room) so that we can understand any difficulties and make a plan for the future sessions with your child.



Families are welcome. In this case, please book the first session without any children present. Children can attend after the initial session. Family life can get confusing, especially when everyone has a different way they think that things should be done. In Family Therapy, we look at ways of understanding each other in order to bring happiness and harmony back into the family.

Groups and Workplaces

Workplace groups or other groups are welcome to book sessions to resolve any difficulties, or to improve group dynamics. Groups include large family systems, workplaces, teams, or other groups. You are welcome to contact us for a free fifteen minute consultation before the group session, in order to discuss your group goals.